ESRIUC2015MapThis is blog for me to post articles, tips and tricks, and other useful GIS information. I am writing this to help people with GIS. I am also trying to keep my teaching skills up. While many posts deal with ArcGIS, some will also use other software like QGIS.

All datasets will be freely available with their locations cited. If you would like ArcGIS to learn on I would suggest the home license. It is great to play with and will give you lots of tools to explore.

Thanks for stopping by.

A little about myself:
I have a BS/MS in Environmental Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I started working with IDRISI in one of my ecology classes but it was not until an independent study and summer project that I really found GIS. The first project I worked on was with Wetlands in the Lake Ontario/ Rochester Embayment and was featured as a chapter in the GIS and Environmental Management book from the ESRI Press. Since them I have worked in County Government on many different projects for about 13 years and worked for consulting firm for about 2. The projects range from redistricting, transportation, wetlands, asset management, and emergency management. Many of these projects have become presentations and I will occasionally write about them here.  Currently I am associate faculty at University of Wisconsin Madison in the GIS Professional Program.  I also have my Remote Pilot Certification and am exploring the uses of uav technology.

This is a personal blog and the views are my own.

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One thought on “About

  1. Hi Justin,
    Your blog website is great! Thanks for sharing it with anyone interested in learning more about GIS.

    This is Ricardo Contreras, currently enrolled in the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Geography 575.
    I write to let you know I won’t be able to submit my lab 1 optional feedback assignment until Tuesday evening (June 26th). I hope this is fine with you and you will still accept it. Also, do you have an email address where we students can write you at? If so, would you please share it with me by sending me a quick email reply?
    Thank you!
    Ricardo Contreras
    Geog. 575, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Summer 2018

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